Find the Best Rocking Horses Online

We love rocking horses because:

  • They are a pleasure to keep – our old rocking horse has seen many years of service and, unlike other toys, remains in the “playroom” even though the kids have grown up
  • It doesn’t have a microchip!
  • Generally a “safe bet” as a surprise present – quiet, not very controversial – a traditional present that all generations would approve of both giving and receiving
  • Encourages children’s imagination – they could be riding a steeple chaser in the Grand National, competing in the Olympics; a knight about to slay a dragon…
  • Requires effort, promoting exercise
  • Develops a sense of balance and core strength
  • Motion can be very relaxing for younger children
  • And best of all they are great fun
  • There is a rocking horse for all pockets
  • Good for both  boys and girls – good as a joint present, if you need to do that

Let us know your thoughts and experiences of which are the best toys for particular situations in the Horse Toy Blog. Or perhaps you have found a really good way to build a diy wooden horse, and can share the plans and construction tips

We created this site because, over the years we have found that they make such excellent presents, and the amount of fun our own kids have had with a simple wooden horse has been amazing.

Of all the toys and games we have bought, tried and sometimes dis-guarded, these toys  have had longevity second to none.


Having fun…